Daniel Rapozo Foundation

Daniel Rapozo Foundation was founded by Daniel Rapozo having identified the drastic increase in poverty and hunger in Zimbabwe.Millions of Zimbabweans go to bed hungry each night , we all need to unite and do what we can to be a vehicle for change.
Charity is a peculiar thing. It can mean a donation, or time, even a service. But it also costs as little as a smile; in essence, all it is, is an act of kindness towards someone in need. And there are so many children and families in need in Zimbabwe and elsewhere: on the streets, children’s homes or in the squatter camps and townships. There is so much to do, and fix.

But where do you start? And who do you trust? Crucially, how do you help. Well, you can start here.

Daniel Rapozo Foundation has open doors to those who want to donate or buy a food parcel/hamper to a family in need,get in touch with us on our Whats App number we will be happy to hear from you or just click a link below to donate, if your heart tells you to help please do so.

Our team will continue to move around the country to identify those Zimbabweans who need it most. With your help, we can continue to expand our impact even further

OUR #FEED A HUNGRY FAMILY INITIATIVE. Millions of Zimbabweans go to bed hungry each night. When the ‘steaks’ are this high, we all need to unite and do what we can to be a vehicle for change. That’s why we have decided to launch our very own #FEED A HUNGRY FAMILY INITIATIVE

click the link below to donate